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Process Modernization

Case Studies, U.S. Army

Title: Force Ready
Customer: Army Installation Management Command-Fort Hood, Directorate of Human Resources

Provide automation technology support to develop a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Orders module to improve performance and create efficiencies for installation level support. The solution would include an on-line Levy Briefing and auto-population of PCS and amendment order formats interfacing with Total Army Database (TAPDB) and Enlisted Distribution and Assignment System (EDAS), an automated orders log, query capability, interface with SharePoint and Shared Network Folder  repository. 


With a 90 day performance period, our team deployed a future integration solution technology with unmatched capability to support installation level personnel readiness. The Personnel Assignments Management Solution (now name: FORCE-READY) supports a soldier’s tour of duty from arrival through day-to-day unit level support to departure. The performance improvements are unrivalled; for example, 1.) Data Importing Time – Then: 105 minutes – Now: 15 minutes; 2.) CAP Cycle Processing – Then: 20 minutes – Now: 4 minutes; 3.) Orders Publication Time – Then: 8 minutes – Now: 3 minutes; 4.) PCS Orders to Soldiers – Then: 2 months prior to reporting date – Now: 6 months prior to report date. The PCS Management Module blends replacement, finance, medical, transportation, and ACS collaboration into a single portal. FORCE-READY’s Unit Module allows unit personnel professionals and specialist with tools to improve the delivery of manning support. Finally, the electronic workflows have reduced resource consumption such as paper utilization and budget burn-rate.